The devices used by students in the Litchfield School District are reaching the end of their useful 4-year lives. The Litchfield School Board heard a presentation last night on how to replace those devices.

IT Director Jennifer Ridgeway presented the technology refresh report and said that there are over 1,000 lap tops being used by students in grades 6 through 12, and nearly 900 iPad minis used by students in grades K through 5. She showed the Board members examples of 9-inch and 11-inch devices that could replace those.

Ridgeway says the old devices could be traded in which she estimates would pay for the first year of leasing new devices, but the longer the Board waits to make a decision, the more it will cost. The Board delayed any action until the next meeting when some cost questions can be posed with Business Manager Jesse Johnson.

Also last night, in her report to the Litchfield School Board, Superintendent Beckie Simenson said that she had attended an illegal substances presentation given by Meeker County Sheriff Brian Cruze this past weekend; that there will be a mock bus crash on September 25th; and that the Middle School Principal position will be posted from February 22nd through March 7th and it’s hoped that a candidate can be presented at the April 9th Board meeting.