1989 Litchfield High School graduate Samara Reck-Peterson was inducted into the Litchfield High School Hall of Fame Friday night. She has had an impressive career in the world of cellular biology.

Sam moved to Litchfield from Seattle when she was in the 9th grade and participated in track, cross-country, basketball, marching band, and taught swimming lessons. She went to Carlton College in Northfield, went to graduate school at Yale where she got her PhD in cellular biology.

Sam did her residency at the University of California in San Francisco, was a faculty member at Harvard Medical School for 8 years, and was then recruited by the University of California – San Diego to be a professor of cellular biology. She says her career has enabled her to travel all over the world to collaborate with other scientists; her research has helped in learning how cells work and to determine why diseases develop; and she is on the leadership council of the American Society of Cellular Biology which has involved lobbying efforts for her in Washington, D.C..

Sam says in her free time, she enjoys cooking with her husband and gardening. She says her parents left Litchfield about 20 years ago, but she returned in 2014 for her 25-year class reunion – and this past weekend to accept her Litchfield High School Hall of Fame award.