The truck spring load restrictions for all Meeker County Highways took affect at 12:01 this morning. The restrictions are meant to try to preserve the life of the highways.

Meeker County Engineer Ron Mortensen says it’s estimated that 85-percent of the damage to the roads occurs in the spring, and it’s very costly to repair and replace roadways. He says the County tends to follow the same dates for the restrictions as Mn/DOT places on state highways, but they analyze each road, and can keep the restrictions on longer, but it usually lasts about 8 weeks. For more information, call 693-5360 or go to

Mortensen says highway projects in Meeker County this summer will include rebuilding County-State-Aid-Highway 30, from highways 3 to 55 – which was held over from last year; and bituminous overlays of County-State-Aid-Highway 3 from the Kandiyohi County line to Minnesota Highway 4, County-State-Aid-Highway 23 from Minnesota Highway 4 to County-State-Aid-Highway 1, and close to 2 miles of County-State-Aid-Highway 25 just north of Grove City.

Mortensen says he’s a member of the Meeker County Safe Roads Coalition which is part of the Toward Zero Deaths initiative in Minnesota. He says Meeker County is in the top 25 counties for impaired fatalities and serious injuries, and efforts are being made to change that with the Joy Ride program and other educational efforts.

Mortensen says the local coalition will continue its promotions in 2017 with visits to schools, appearances in local parades, health fairs and other events. He says distracted driving can be just as deadly as impaired driving, and he’d like to congratulate the students from the Litchfield High School FCCLA for the national award they received which draws attention to the dangers of distracted driving. For more information on the safe roads coalition, call Jesse Hudec at 320-214-6346.