The 2018 Minnesota Legislative Session begins on February 20th. The biggest item of business for lawmakers will be the bonding bill.

District 18A State Representative Dean Urdahl chairs the Capital Investment Committee in the House and his committee spent 12 days last summer touring the state, looking at potential projects. He says there will be committee hearings on projects, and people will visit his office lobbying for various projects, but as usual, only about a fourth of them will receive funding. He says there are nearly 4-billion-dollars-worth of requests, but the bonding bill will likely be under a billion dollars.

Urdahl says he’s hoping many of the bonding projects will address the aging water and waste-water pipes under many of the city streets around the state as many of them date back to a period from 1930-to-1950 and need to be replaced. He says another issue this session will be to address the MNLARS system which has not been working the way it should – creating headaches in the area of license tabs and car titles.

Urdahl says the Legislature approved of $650-million in tax relief last year, but some tweaking may need to be done with that legislation due to the federal tax bill. He says his other committees – besides Capital Investment – include Education Innovation, Ways and Means, and Legacy. Urdahl is in to his 8th term and is running for reelection this fall. He can be contacted at